Name which Cullen bit you and where!

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hahahaha! I like te sound of that- very enticing!!

which cullenS tht bit me was emmett and edward!! emmett took the left side of my nick and edward took the rite side
Bella Swan
Edward of course...I was chillin by the river when he went hunting for the mountain lions...the guilt killed him thinking of what Carlisle would think of him after this...He thought I was dead but I was hanging in there and now look at me...I now hang in Canada with Kate she is teaching me conrtol by zapping me whenever I mess up..tough love!

He bit me on the back of my neck close to the shoulder area!!! Sneaking up on people isn't very nice! lol
Alice was bitting me.
this is insanely good writing. thx for posting and keep at it!!

Nikki said:
It was Edward.
I was taking a late night walk up my usual path, a path that I always felt safe, a path that led into the deep lush forest. The sun had just gone down and I could hear something far off in the brush it was a sound I had never heard before, it almost sounded like something running, very, very fast but I brushed it off and kept forging ahead. I had come to this part of the forest many times before to think, and to watch all the wildlife, but tonight there was none, other than the sound of the tree's funny I thought it was almost too still, then I heard the rumbling in the brush getting closer but I couldn't see anything and then there he was. I knew him from school, I mean who didn't know Edward Cullen, or any of the Cullens for that matter something inside me always told me to stay away from them keep a distance and now I knew why.
He stood there calmly, quitely then he began to approach, it happened so quickly next thing I knew I was on laying on the ground. I could feel immense pain on the right side of my neck, what was happening to me?
Edward and in forks
yeaa.. edward cullen! <3<3
em.. in alaska!!!!!!!!
Edward turned me to be a friend to Nessie (she got really tired of no friends besides Jacob). He turned me in my home state of Virginia and brought me back to Forks to live with them.
Pzzz That Is Soo Ovbious..
Carlisle!!.. He is the first one!!..
Edward &* emmett at the same same time
On each side of my neckk Lols. !
Edward &* emmett at the same time
On each side of my neckk Lols. !

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