Name which Cullen bit you and where!

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Ok, So here is the truth, The first time I watched the movie was with my friends daughter, just to shut her up but...........I was watching Twilight when Edward said to Bella " I dont have the strenght to say away from you anymore!! " That was it, I have been a Twihard ever since, so to anwser the question.... Edward bit me hard!!!
Jasper... check out my blog and you can see my story
Alice and Edward both attacked me but Edward finally had bitten me :D
Jasper bit me when he sould of been 22 in the forest. if you want to read my full bio go to my blog and please commet
Edward Cullen of course. well. he bit me everywhere. haha. i am so loving it.

Obviously Edward !! mmm in neck !! or ear lobe

Edward Cullen OME=oh my edward

Edward <3

Okay, so I was in Forks, and I went to their house, and I was trying to convince them to turn me, but they weren't so sure. So, Jasper was standing right next to me, so I "accidentally" dropped and a vase on the floor, and when I bent down to pick it up- again, "accidentally"- I cut myself with it, Jasper couldn't resist my incredibly sweet blood, so he bit me. Emmett and Edward pulled him off and got him away before he could kill me. I think they all had a taste though. So... yeah, all of them. LOL
EDWARD! :D <33
Edward Mason Cullen bit me EVERYWHERE!!! :) :) <3
Alice ofc!:D she wanted a shopping friend and now we're really good friends xD

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