Name which Cullen bit you and where!

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Carlisle of course....nothing too sexy, just the wrist, as he was saving me *wink*
Edward bit me offcourse!....At first it was pretty erotic...I thought he was giving me a hot steamy love bite.....but then the venom began to spread and i felt the fire throughout my body.....agony for 3 days....but all worth it in the end.
Our showers are the best fun!! LMAO
Edward mi neck :)
It was Jasper (obviously.) And he bit me right on my ankle. See I was riding my horse on August 6, 1904. And out of no where a bright twinkly object appeared from the underbrush. I could barely see his face until I saw it was Jasper, a fellow student at the time. I had a major crush on him and was sure he like me too. I could not figure out why he was so sparkly. But for some reason I stayed calm the whole time. He came up to me so fast I didn't know what was going on. And then I fell of the horse, and an excrusiating pain started running through my vains. And then I blanked. We then found each other after I had changed and could not stay away from each other. We are now happily married and are living in the Alps, happily in love.
Alice was nice enough to do it cause edward couldent
of course, edward cullen
Edward Cullen right after he made love to me lol!!!!
EdwaRd DuH!1 lol
Edward of course...boy he's one busy vampire lol.
Jasper and Emmett at the same time cant tell where though
Edward Anthony Masen Cullen <3
and on my neck obviously lol

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