Name which Cullen bit you and where!

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I was bit by edward on the neck at our honey moon when he got too excited!!!! lol
alice bit me tee hee........ALICE 4 THE WIN!!!!^^
renesmee isnt venemous
Renesmee Carlie Cullen said:
I think it was either Edward, Bella or Renesmee
Cuz der da Best
twilight cullens.jpgAlice Cullen. We met were going up to the mountains and she was thristy but there were no animals aound for her to feed on, so she got a little carried away. lol
Edward Bit Me..
i was taking a hike in the woods when someone attacked me, his hair was honey blond and his eyes were pitch black. Two other handsome guys pulled him off me.I noticed I was really bad injured. A muscular one kept on saying 'Jasper calm down!' and an exquisite bronze-haired one said 'Lets Take Her To Carlisle!' I thought I was dead --since I felt I was flying-- but then we arrived to a beautiful house ... The Broze-haired boy who was carrying me told me his name was Edward, he explained that Japer attacked me and what they were.But I couldn't feel frightened. Carlisle, a doctor in the family, was too busy trying to take care of my injuries, so he told Edward "I don't think she will recover, we must change her' My consciousness was slipping and I couldnt hear anything anymore. But then I felt a fire in my neck extending through my body.. It wouldnt stop .. Two days later,Edward explained to me what I had become, I believed him since I had bright crimson eyes. I am also a 'vegetarian' and accepted their choice with no hard feelings. I became part of their Coven and found my soul mate Edward ....

(lmao :) ] LOVE YA EDWARD !!!
The sexiest and most beautiful vampire that has ever existed...EDWARD ANTHONY MASEN CULLEN!
I'm not bitten yet, but I'm wawaiting for Edward ofcourse, tho Carlisle is very good also. I had so many good things here in this world, but I can't survive it in an normal way. Did my best to help the humans, believed in non-humans. Now I give my last breath in their hands. Edward... save me from having no life to help them poor children. Edward... if you can't hear, pass to Carlisle, he cares about preserving life
Jasper..... I have no idea what happened...... I just saw him and totally blacked out.......
Edward.......and everywhere:D
It was Dr. Carlisle Cullen who bit me. He did so because i was incrediously ill and i was going to die so he bit me on my neck and saved my life!

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