Name which Cullen bit you and where!

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Kiki Ne'Shele Byrd said:
It was Dr. Carlisle Cullen who bit me. He did so because i was incrediously ill and i was going to die so he bit me on my neck and saved my life!
Can someone tell me who these two characters are in this picture and email me at thanks so much

Image Hosted by
Edward .... :D<3
I guess i smelled to good so he bit me in the neck
while i was stunned by his beuty:P

such a pity
Edward of course ;-) on the neck, right by my collar bone!
Edward bit me! and was being nice to me and trying to make the venom spread faster so he bit me all over like bella
Edward Cullen bit me. As lovers in our human lives, I couldn't let him go once I discovered what had become of him. That was a huge mistake. As a newborn, he couldn't control himself and almost killed me! I was fortunate to have Carlisle nearby to come to my I am approaching my 109th birthday tomorrow...
Punk Your Chucks is offering customized Vampire photos that will blow you away. They will take your photo and turn you into a Cullen, Volturi, whatever. This is the coolest idea ever!

Twilight fans are going crazy over this because it's affordable and they can even use the photo for their Facebook profile photo.

Here's the link:
edward ofcourse ! :):)
mmmm.....let me see!!!
Could be Edward or Jasperr!!!!
Both are...mmm...delicious!!!

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