Name which Cullen bit you and where!

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Psh.....Edward! Duh!!!!

Chelsea Cullen
hahaa, i love it.
this is true!
chles is rightt.
Carlile had too cause I smelled too appetizing!
I have a feeling it might have been Jasper. I'm not sure. I was far too stunned to notice anything or react, which shames me. But it makes sense... He was probably out doing something a few years ago, got hungry, and attacked me because I scraped myself and he smelled blood. Buuuuut then he either felt guilty or just found my blood revolting and left me to die. Why does he torture me so?

OH! And where he bit me... Um... It was a freak accident, so it was totally on my face.
Jasper bit me, before he joined up with Carlisle, as he was moving up from Texas and I was in the NC mountains visiting relatives. I decided to hike while I was there and that's when I was bit, however, something distracted him and I was able to get away, hide, and survive. I still to this day do not know what distracted him from finishing the job. He bit me in the cliche way - on the neck.
Edward of course
jasper , in texas . ;D
Hmmm I can't really remember whether it was Edward or Emmett but it was one of those two hotties! And as for where they actually bit me... well let's just say I can't disclose that kind of info! XD
Hmm...I'd say that it was Edward. I totally fall for a neck bite.
Alice! She wanted me to be her Mini Me.. even though I would be a couple inches taller, but still.. :D I'm up for Guinea Pig Barbie!

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