Name which Cullen bit you and where!

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Edward, on my neck.
I wasn't bitten by a cullen, but i was bitten by the English vampire Alistair. When is was dying of boredom.
i haven't been bitten yet :( but if i was it would be Alice 'cause shes my favourite out of the all of the cullens.
Jasper (;
edward bit me, of course.
he and bella were walking around when they saw me about to being crushed
under a tree. edward darted to me, but i was dying, so he bit me to save me.
then he realized i smelled and tasted ten times better than bella.
so he ran away with me to canada and left her in freakin forks.
i wish.
edward. because my blood smells so much better than bella. plus im not whinny and needy. wahoo. and we totally connected ;) so he bit me on my...stomach, he was picking up my pencil that i "dropped" and as he was getting up to place it in my hand, he couldn't take it anymore and bit my stomach. he left bella and nessie, for me. we now live in paris. oui,oui.
*oh, how i wish...*
Jasper, FTW.
Edward Cullen XxX
Jasper bit me (Y)
I hate to sound like everyone else but..... it would totally have to be Edward....hahahaha
ALICE!!!!! and i dont remember where, odd for a vampire i know but i remember a lot about my human life except for that
EDWARD!!! who else. lol

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