Name which Cullen bit you and where!

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If I had it my way it would have been Alice...over, and over, and over. LoL But I know my two cohorts would prefer Edward.
Alice and Emmett . They can bit me together :D hahaha ...
Edward cullen(of course)bit me
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There New Moon from Edward's point of view and a 5th Twilight book.
Thanks! Make sure to leave comments on what you think!
I dnt know if it was Edward or Jasper....whoever it was was hot...... it could have been Edward, it was like he knew what my reaction was going to be..........or Jasper, my emotions got very calm after I saw one of them........... and where else but my neck.
duhh edward how can ppl not no
well i dont want to get all the girls jealouse but i got bit my EDWARD!!!!!!! :) :) :)
emmett! of course! lol the strongest and the cutest cullen ever! ;)
ummmmmmmmmmmmm my 11 birthday is weird i know (DONT ASK ABOUT MY AGE CAUSE IM NOT!GONNA TELL U OK).
Edward was the one who bit me, trying to save my life. Basicaly my story is almost the same as Rosalie's (I'm not gonna get into it, its to disturbing) only i'm not as pretty as Rosalie and I was not betrothed. If it wasn't for Edward I'd be dead!
Emmett bit me right on the neck....

Ivy Ashelyn Cullen.
Jasper bit me when I was looking for my sister in the woods and I fell and got blood all over the place he must have smelled it and he bit me on the neck before he could do more damage edward came and snatched him away {my hero!!}

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