Name which Cullen bit you and where!

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I am pretty sure it was Carlisle ...
Jasper DUHH!!!!!!!
Emmett bit me. Me and my friend, Aila, were walking through the Forest because she thought it would be fun when we spotted two vampires, Jasper and Emmett, hunting. At first, I didn't know it was Emmett and Jasper because my human eyes could not see in the night very clearly, so I screamed, seeing them hunched over a big brown bear. They looked at us and Aila started running because she couldn't see without her glasses. She left me to die with the unknown vampires. I started to run but then I tripped and fell, head first. My forehead got scratched and I ended up giving myself a bloody lip. Emmett started laughing but then he smelled my blood and went crazy. He bit my lower lip but then Rosalie pulled him off of me, her face in a stone mask. She glared at me and I collapsed, screaming in pain. I don't remember what happened after that, but I know that Emmett left Rosalie because he was tired of her attitude. And Aila got turned into a vampire by Jasper and is now Mrs. Jasper Cullen.


I was turned into a vampire by Jasper.. i was taking an evening walk though the meadow trail, i had found about a year ago when i came to visit Forks..
It was dusk, i saw three guys walking behind me and i didnt know who they were. So i started to pick up my pace.. the wind started blowing, I heard the guys behind me, growl. I turned n found to see it was Emmett, Edward, and Jasper.. They had pale angry thirstful faces i havnt seen before..i started running and glanced back finding that Emmett and Edward trying to hold back Jasper from chasing after me. But, he broke through the lock of their arms and dashed toward my direction. I panicked and tried to out run him, but i was so scared that i wasnt paying attention n fell over a tree stump sideways.. I looked up n i had a cut on my neck with blood gushing out from it. Jasper couldnt hold back his thirst n he bit me! it started painfully stinging my veins with the uncomfortable heat around the bite. Next i was laying on the wet ground of the forest with Carlisle staring at me. So many questions at once.. Carlisle told me what happened how they couldnt save me because it was too late but i dnt remember any of it.. after i was adopted into the Cullen family...
Jasper and Carlisle both bit me you see Alice and Esme both left the cullen family to find better things and Jasper and Carlisle came into a store I worked at and my blood sang for both of when I got off work that night they were both waiting for me but neither of them knew the other was there and they both attacked at the same time then got distarcted when they realised eachother...Emmett came along about that time and took me to rosalie's and his place till I was done changing and Jasper ended up falling completley in love with me so when Alice and Esme came back to beg for forgiviness(Alice didnt see anything cause Jacob was always around us) Carlisle took Esme back and Jasper let Alice down very slowly and he and I are married now and Alice is thinking about changing Mike into a Vampire cause they both like pretty things!

alice did in a place where pain usually is not welcomin!!!ha
OMIGODD! It was Edward of course! We're getting married! :P

Ummm ..... Edward
On a beach somewhere like Isle Esme :]
JASPER!! (DUH!!) ->(cuz jasper rox) n, as old fashoined as he is, he bit me on the neck :)

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