which do you like better: the twilight the movie or twilight the book?

personally, i liked the book a lot better but its nice to have a clearer picture of stephenie meyer's interpretation of edward, bella, jacob and just the cullens in general. and what are your predictions for new moon? i think the movie sounds like it will be pretty good...but good enough to beat the book??

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Oh no doubt the books are awesome. But the movie brought Bella and Edward alive for us.
I enjoyed the book alot than the movie
The book because, you get more into the story of Edward and Bella. With New Moon, which may I say is my favorite book, I cry every time I read it, I think that the movies will be good, but I'll have to wait to see if its better than the book. Because if they leave out too much from the book it just might ruin the whole story.
Both i luv the movie coz i can see their emotion's in real lyf nd the book coz it feelz lyk i hav my own edward cullen in my head :D
I personaly like the book better. when i first heard about the movie i never wanted to read the books. I actually didnt like reading at all wen I saw the movie. When I first saw the movie didnt lik it at all and I knew that there had to be something beterhan this. So I read the books and thats when I got hooked. he book is a hundred times better than the movie
I really like the movie but I love the book or I should say the books ..as far as New Moon I think it will be ok ? the book will have more inf that will not be in the movie but I will still go and see it several times it helps that I like the actors too ...
I prefer the Twilight Books,It's very well written & almost becomes like a drug..I can't stop reading it,I have to finish it all and for me books arent that appealing unless they are really really good.
The Twilight Sagas will always be my favorite books.

Oh and as for the movie..well to be completely honest,It was fun watching it I guess.I loved seeing all the characters from the books come to life..Edward,Bella & Jacob etc.But apart from that,the whole movie put together was not well made.I was kinda shocked to see the way Bella was portrayed.She was really insecure and very awkward in the movie,not blaming any of that on Kristen though.But I pictured Bella to be more comical and more special.LOL not sure how anyone can be special but still being normal :),
I love the fact that the Edward Cullen in the movie was almost the same Edward in the books..I just wish they'd done the same with Bella.
I prefer the books, u get alot more involved in the story and of course there is far more details in a 500+,600+ page book than a 2 hour movie..

But then again, i saw the movie before i read any of the books so i'm thankful i enjoyed it enough to HAVE TO pick the books up and know what else is coming. And becasue of seeing the movie first i already had faces to put to the characters rather than imagining my own .
I LOVE the movie ( and soon the movieS Yeah!! ) But I LOVE MORE the books!!
The book, deinitely.

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