i personally think that the twilight book was better than the movie... i wish they wouldve kept the bloody biology scene in... but i just cant wait for new moon!

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i never read the books until i saw the film, but i found that as i watched the film first readin the books i could imagaine the ppl playin playin the charcters and it was really gd, ifelt everything that was bein said ect. i love them both xoxo:)
Definitely the books... They are more passionate, more exciting, more romantic... You can imagine how the scenes might be at your own way. But that's just my personal opinion.
i think that by far the books are way better than the movies ... i mean i know the movies are and gonna be amazing but there can't be compare with the books.
yes... i wish they kept the bloodtyping scene in there... that was my favorite part! besides the lion and the lamb scene... *swoons* @--}---

TeamSandyWolf said:
by 'bloody biology scene' do you mean the blood typing scene? i love that bit!! and yeah the film was amazing, but the book was sooooo much better!! x
There really is comparison between the books and the movies. You get a depth and perspective in the books that truly cannot be translated on the screen. That being said, the movie was done brilliantly and had little things in it that you would have missed if you did not read the books. New Moon looks to be going in that same direction.
The Book is wayyy better than the movie by far
from what I've seen so far from the new moon trailers they include everything I loved from the book.

I don't think I'll be disappointed :)
but the books are def better.

personally, I don't really like the first movie.
Deff. the books, but New Moon looks better than Twilight! But usually the books are better.
I think both are great...I'm just wondering how are they going to do BD???? that is the big question.....(smile)...
I think the books are definatly better, you can use your imagination more and interpret it how you want and you cxan create your own charectors, but i think it's gud wen you read a book then watch a film and see how you version is compared to the producer, directors ect version x

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