okay so we've all read the series and seen the movies. so do u like the movies or the books better and which is your favorite???????????

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The books, but in some cases I like the way the movies changed around the scenes. Like in New Moon where they watch Romeo and Juliet in class rather than by themselves. That was better in my opinion and when Rob starts saying the lines I got chills.

Taylor Marie Bannon said:
i love both the movies and the books i saw the movie twilight first and then i had to read the books because a thought that the movie was great!! but i also thought that the books were amazing!!!! my favorite book is eclipse and so far since all the movies haven't come out yet my favorite is new moon..........so far..........but i'm really looking forward to eclipse and breaking dawn :)
Fav book is breaking dawn it has the wedding and the sex parts! movie would be eclipse! XD
Favorite book is Breaking Dawn. (The wedding, Isle Esme) *smiles*

Favorite movie is Eclipse. :)

actually my fav book is definitely breaking dawn

carlie cullen said:

i like the books better cuz edward seems like... darker in the movies than in the books. but i don't have a fav book
out of the books i love eclipse ,out ofthe movies its newmoon

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