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I agree BWEN. They are much different....for me its a perfect fit. I enjoy both movie and books and somehow they are soo different but have meshed together in my mind. When I need visual I will watch the movie. I used to have to watch the movies in order but i have seen them over and over that i dont have that need. i just watch and read ramdomly which ever I am in the mood for. I do have to admit...I hate when Edward leaves in New Moon. I skip that part completely when I read the book or watch the movie, but that book is my favorite, if I had to choose.
I felt guilty skipping over Edward leaving....because of the author, I felt like I was disrespecting her by doing that, because it was a big part of the story. But I had such a hard time with it, that I just couldnt keep reading the pain. I know that pain.....but like the story I also got my true love of my life back....I dont like to re-live my pain, I guess.
Yeah she sure did that! It was only brief that my love was was my own fault, I was young, stupid, (I broke up with him) and scared but it didnt take long to know who I belonged with, just 2 months of nothingness and pain. I was 16 then. I am happily married 20yrs this yr to him....but I guess you never get over that pain when he wasnt with me. It comes back easily. I could relate to both characters, thats why I love her writing.
Exactly! Very well put and I agree with you 100 percent!

bwen said:
I agree D.
I would like to make a few points though we are all trying to compare two different mediums, film versus the printed word... that's like comparing apples and oranges, both are fruit but significantly different.
Just like the movies and books are both are entertaining but significantly different.
The movies provide a visual experience allowing us to connect with the characters in a physical manifestation. The acting in these movies in my opinion was not weak but the scripts are, because they were held back by a 2 hour time limitation had very small budgets, very short filming schedules, their popularity was not anticipated because the books were considered teen fluff, and were not considered to be widely read except by a very dedicated core of fans, and much of what our imaginations supplied while reading could not be incorporated within a film.
So if you look at other successful book to movie franchises that rely heavily on special effects and makeup like The Lord of the Rings or the Harry Potter movies they are generally significantly longer in length 2 hours plus, have huge budgets $100 million plus, each took a significantly longer time to film 6 months or more, both of them also take license with their source but material, and both were widely anticipated by a world wide audience of all ages.
All that consider the Twilight movies are exceptional in that most people who love the books now equate the actors with those characters, and despite weak scripts, poor marketing targeting only the teen market, they have been financially successful if not critically acclaimed. The stars of Twilight have become widely identifiable and become hot commodities to other film makers, while the same cannot necessarily be said for the stars of the other two franchises.

So once again I say Apples and Oranges, both have given me hours a entertainment and delightful experiences in 2 uniquely different mediums.

D said:
The books hold greater details which I enjoy but I really enjoyed the movies as well! The movies keep getting better and better. I saw the movies before I read the books so it was nice to have a visual in my mind while reading the books.
I love them both, but I have to choose the books. When I read the books I fell in love with the saga and Edward's and Bella's lovestory! And Edward was so lovely, even though he is a vampire, he has kept humanity. And Edward love Bella so much that he is ready for anything for her. But also the movie have given additional depth to the story.

totally agree i tough the same thing about the movies until i read the i'm addicted!

I watched the first Twilight movie (before I started reading the books) and I thought the movie was really lame.. like I just wanted those hours and minutes of my life back (it was that bad) but after reading the books, I became addicted to all things "twilight", movies included. Watching the movie first (before the books) helped to give me visual images of the characters, and i was able to connect better with the story, cause the books are way more descriptive. So i guess the books make the movies less lame ?? If you get my meaning.
I can understand why people who haven't read the books think Twilight Movies are really bad, but once you read the books, I believe it gives you a better understanding of the characters and what they are thinking and feeling in the movie.
All in all, I love the books better, because they helped me to love the movies :)
I watch the movies first, but I am so glad I did before I read the books. The books is much better, but the movies helped put every caractors caractor in operspective.
I definitely prefer the books. Too much has to be taken out & sometimes changed in the movies. But I enjoy the movies for what they are an ADAPTATION/BASED on the novels. The books are just SOOO GOOD!! I love them!! I'm rereading the whole saga right now & it's reminding me of why I fell in love w/the books & characters in the first place.
I watched to movie before I read the books. I thought the movie was...okay. After reading the books the movies make much more sense to me. My husband kinda gets mad at me when we watch the movies because I tell him about how the book differs from the movie and how it actually happens in the book. You can just see on his face that he wants to tell me to shut up..LOL. But I keep telling him that he should read the books, then he would be able to appreciate the movies better and understand why they have to make the movies the way they do. But on the other hand who would want to watch a Twilight as the book was actually written into a movie? I think that I would love to see it and also get more of "MY FIX" for Twight. But that's just my opinion.

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