Which scene in twilight is your favortie??? Well if you ask me i will say the baseball one. Edward shows off his moves and the Cullen are so KOOL!!!!!

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we have the same exact same favorite Mistress Stephanie

Mistress Stephanie said:
I would have to say my fave scene is also the baseball scene but I also was compleatly in love with the scene where Edward and Bella were in the top on the tree overlooking the river
i totally loved the basball scene, though they got it wrong! (lyk every othr scene in that movie XP grr) and i lyk when they show u alice's vision or bellas dream (whatever) when edward's biting her...*faint* but i lyk prom too
well ive gotta say the movie was kinda dissapintinghh!!onli a bot tho, cos they mesed up the scenes and stuff...and it wasnt as good as the book! but my friends who hadnt read the book went to see the film with me, and they LOVED it!
but yeah anywayz, i hve to agree with u isabella!!! the baseball scen ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all the boys looked SOOOO hott!
my fav scene is the kiss scene and the scene in the tree when they looks at the river and teh baseball scene also
I have two favorite scenes and they are when Edward first takes Bella to meet his family and the other scene is when they are playing baseball.
when bella and edward kiss
i would Have To Say the Scene
Where Edward And Bella Are In Bellas Room
And Edward Kisses Her
And Then Later On he Stays there All Night

i Would Love That

:) ♥
My favourtite seen wud have to be the baseball one, Like omg how flexible is alice Haha. and how edward was all like ver protective of bella and i think it is sweet!
i love the whole movie not a single part sucks but if i have to choose it has to be the baseball scene because u get to see all the cullens havin fun and tryna be normal its awesum and all the guys look real gud! and the other one would be their second time in bio class where he introduces himself to bella so cute!
I'm not sure everyone would agree but i really like the scene where Edward takes Bella one his back into the tree's rooftops "hang on spider monkey" lol

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