which scenes you didnt like in twilight saga movies? after they changed it from the book?

there are alot of scenes ,they changed it from the book..which scenes, they changed it and you didnt like it ?

in twilight , newmoon : they changed alot of scenes but i loved them all..

but in eclipse, the scenes in the book were much better like :

1-rosalie's flashback - in the book she went after bella to edward's room and talked to her in very nice way..i really felt sorry for wht happened to her..she talked about her self , why she doesnt like bella -all the reasons , not just cuz bella is human... but in the movie , they made bella go after rosalie and rosalie talked to her in away made me nervs..
*Go blather to someone else about the joys of becoming a newborn.* why they changed that?
i felt sorry for her--- in the book , not the movie , but i hated her in BD..

2- the scene before the battle when jacob heard bella and edward when they were talking about their marriage..bella became very angry with edward..WHYYYYYYYY THEY CHANGED THAT?
in the book , she was sad for hurting him , edward went after him to bring him to talk to bella..
i shocked when i saw that they changed it in the movie ..
also she was angry with him when they met jacob at school , but i liked it..may be , she did that
to hung out with jacob for awhile..=DDD

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I think they already filmed the J Jenks scenes like in November or December......

Dee said:
I would of loved to have seen the blood typing and also in eclipse at the end when she goes to see Alice - I wished that would of been in the movie, as well as when Edward said he wanted her right then and there and that he could speak with Carlisle and the use of morphine.  I really hope that they have the part in breaking dawn when she goes home and alice is doing the last fitting on Charlie and bella remembers when the night that she and edward told charlie... I hope that's in the movie.  I wonder if they will include when Bella goes to see J. Jenks... hope so...
There's no doubt in my mind that they'll have the scene where Edward and Bella tell Charlie they're getting married.  There's so much comic potential with Billy Burke the scene would be a sure fire winner.

The part I meant is right near the end.
He pulled back a few inches to look at me, and his eyes did nothing to help my resolve. They were black fire. They smoldered. "Why?" He asked again, his voice low and rough. "I love you. I want you. Right now"

Jo Anna said:

Emma I couldn't agree more with you about the blood typing scene from Twilight.  I think it was a crucial part to the story and really showed a lot of irony.  I also loved how Edward  carried her to the nurses office, I can't get enough of his chivalry.  Even in the end of Twilight when James has acted her and she is bleeding she referred to the blood.  Oh and remember when Edward said she didn't smell right after the blood transfusions?


Can you explain the part you are referring to in Eclipse when he tells her he wants her???  I am lost....  my bad need to read the book again.
Emma Louise said:

Twilight - When they testing which blood type the class was and Bella nearly passed out (They didn't add this to the movie but I think it's a very ironic scene! A vampires gf hating blood! lol)

New Moon - Jacob and Bella get a lot closer in the book than in the film and in the book Bella thinks Edward isn't real and she thinks she has gone crazy or something which I think they should have added to the film.

Eclipse - Alice doesn't 'kidnap' Bella for the sleepover! Also when Jacob kissed Bella in the book she was soo angry which showed how strongly she felt for Edward but in the movie you just saw Edward angry! Also the ending is so much better in the book! They cut out the "i want you bella" stuff out :l

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