can you choose the best twilight book or not????????????????????????????????????????????????

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proble my favorite is breaking dawn. eclipse would be second
It has to be the first one. . . Twilight is the begining of the best seires. Thats where the love began.
They are all in order for me how I like them but I have to say Eclipse was my fav of the four. I thought BD dragged on after Nessie was born with the whole telling of her story to everyone. I loved the end though how she allow Edward to see into her mind.
I would have to save I love Breaking Dawn the most. I love all and of course Twilight started it all, New Moon tears my heart up, its painful to read and Eclipse is better than New Moon but still rough to read but, Breaking Dawn is so wondeful! I cry, laugh, and blush through out the whole book!
I love them all but I would have to say Breaking Dawn because it just tied everything together.
I dont have one favourire but I am partial to Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, I enjoy Bella a bit more as I find her a stronger person, I can tolerate her more than in Twilight and New Moon. That's not to say that I don't like Twilight and New Moon nor do I not like Bella.
I've said it once and ill say it again!


I know people love the ones that are more Edward&Bella.. and I totally get that. That's what the books are about and that's why I love them so much :D

But to me Eclipse was like the climax of the saga.. like who is Bella gonna choose already??
I'm not gonna lie a couple times she had me guessing it was Jacob!...
.....but I know Bella too well :P

But if Eclipse didn't exist I would say Breaking Dawn! :D
Hello???? Bella&Edward getting married!
Bella Pregnant
Her shielding power!
Especially the Happy Ending.

Its sooooo awes!!

But anyway yeah my fav is Eclipse lol
I LOVE all of them but i am tied beteween new moon and breaking dawn. breaking dawn was AWSOME b/c of renessemee and bella got turned into a vamp (i loved her ability). New moon was sad but u got to learn about jake who is one of my favorite characters (TEAM JAKE 4EVER). I cant decide they r both so awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All of the books made cry and laugh they were all so great!!!!
Twilight is my favorite! I LOVE them all and have my favorite parts in every one. I have to say that it was hard to read New Moon because it was so sad w/out Edward, but I read it really fast because I knew he was coming back! Oh and I loved it anyway!
Are you kidding!!!!!! Its impossible to choose!!! I love them all.
Eclipse is the best one:)
I loved Breaking Dawn the best, until I got started on it Twilight was my favorite. It is so great to see them together and so happy. I cried through New Moon I have had my heart broken exactly like that before and knew exactly how Bella was feeling and the whole thing brought it all back. I was so happy for her when they reunited that didn't happen for me and it worked out the best way for me, but it was still so great to have the happy ending, and have true love conquer all. Thats what everyone wants to believe in, the thought of that existence is what keeps everyone going. I really felt bad for Jacob but he is really a best friend and it makes you feel so much better for him once Rennesme enters the scene. Breaking Dawn is the perfect ending for the series for now. Hopefully soon Stephanie will expand the story and give us all even more to look forward too.




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