can you choose the best twilight book or not????????????????????????????????????????????????

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well i cant choose between twilight and breaking down............. both are my favorites books.......
Breaking Dawn......LOVE IT!!!!
If I put all the book in order of preference It's Twilight in first, then Breaking dawn, New Moon and, finally, Eclipse. They are all very good and I love them all, but Twilight and Breaking dawn are the beggining and the end of this beautiful saga. They are so important to me ! <3
mmm... I cant chose i love them all but if I have to choose one i would have choose Breaking Dawn because in this book Edward and Bella get married, Bella becomes a vampire, and Reneesme borns, and Jacob fell in love with Reneesme. Everyone is happy.
I'll always have a soft place in my heart for Twilight, the book & the movie. There is just something magic about it that sucked me right in. Of course I loved the the other books too. I wasn't thrilled with Breaking Dawn actually, it didn't go anything like I thought it would and it almost seemed to me like someone else wrote it. I'm getting ready to re-vamp again. I need to get everything straight in my mind before I see Eclipse & I want to take my time reading them this time!
more than likley breaking dawn or eclipse but let me tell u something I HAVE KNOW IDEA WAT I WOULD HAVE DONE IF I DIDN'T HAVE TWILIGHT
Breaking dawn. i think
New Moon!

and i also love hte battle scene in Eclipse
i think that all of the books are great,.......but i think twilight is the best because it is when bella and edward meet and she finds out he is a vampire.
i really love them all, but if i should choose one, it must be Breaking Dawn. Bella finaly becomes a vampire, they the cute little Renesmee, the honeymoo (or something like that) was just so perfekt, i can read that book agian and agian and i also really like the end or the last part, when the volturi comes, and they think the sould die..
My favorite would have to be Breaking Dawn. It was just sooo intense and all, I absolutely LOVED it. I loved the action and suspense throughout the whole plot. I was really sad when Alice left, because she's one of my favorite characters.
I got so attached to Renesmee, it felt as if she were my own daughter. I loved her so much, those cute little chubby cheeks and beautiful red curls! And I was kind of mad when Jake imprinted on her though, because I'm on Team Edward.
I have to admit, the parts where Bella was dying from Nessie drinking her blood inside her was one of my favorite parts. Yeah, I absolutely hate her guts because she's stealin' my man! And during the honeymoon scene I couldn't stop laughing at the part where she asked Edward why she was covered in feathers, and then the part where she's on the phone with Carlisle and trying to explain that she might be preggers. I love the fact that, sadly, Edward didn't think of the fact that this may happen, and Bella would die. I laugh whenever i think of it, because it's just so hilarious. I don't know why! :)
And I was completely, utterly jealous of her during the honeymoon scene. I was mad-and I'm still mad-for weeks, and couldn't get over it.
So yeah, I'm pretty horrible for making fun of her. But I just hate her so much....
Anyone else feel the same? Cuz if there is, I won't feel as bad! :) Hahaha
I Love them all!!!!!!!! New Moon and Eclipse are probably my favorites!!!!!!!! New Moon b/c jake gets tell his side of the story and eclipse b/c that one is probably the funniest the way jake and edward act towards each other and its nice to see them work together even though their enemies. But i really like breaking dawn too because of renesmee and because bella becomes of vampire and then jake imprints on renesmee so everytime you turn the page something else is happening. when i was reading breaking dawn i couldnt put the book down.




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