Which twilight celebritie would u like to meet the most?

If you had the aportunitie to meet one member of the twilight cast, if u haven't already, who would it be? And what would u say 2 them?

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I would want to meet Robert Pattinson. Duh! I mean who wouldn't. We would be at a coffee shop. i'd be like, hey wats up?
How's it like being on set?
And, Do you think acting is your thing?
It would be like i was interveiwing him.
If this actually happend it would be soooo cool!
Definitely Taylor Lautner! He's the hottest of the bunch and seems so down to earth and well... just gorgeous...
i think i would like to meet Ashley Greene because i think she is a beauutiful person. and Robert Patiinson ofcourse because he is HOT!
i wuld meet ashley greene bcuz she is a fashion fatal and designs some of her closhs and i design cloths. i wuld ask her how much fun it is to play such an important role but that is so much like herself. and how does it feel to b in 1 of the most popular sagas in the world rite now and that is also a very famous book that already has exceptations that the movie needs 2 pertrail to such a lrg group of people
i would like to meet everybody off the twilight cast,
because i feel that they all are importantent to the story off twillight
but if i must shoes i would go for robert pattinson go team edward
Taylor Lautner !!!!


and i met him at Luna Park , Sydney !!!! (CLOSE UP !!!!!!!!) http://twitpic.com/1t1m96

i hope to meet ashley green and xavier samuel when they come to belgium on 29 june
can't wait to see them and the new eclipse movie
Edward of course,. I would love to meet him I have life threating cancer and would love to meet him in person. I am probably one of his oldest fans. I am 56 years old and think he is hot. Cant wait to buy Remember Me on dvd.
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart duh!
Rob becuz i wanna see his perfect god-like face and i wanna touch his hair!!!
And Kristen becuz i wanna see her BEAUTIFUL FACE!!!
i wanna see them both together!!!
robert pattinson duh he so hot and careing and awesome
Robert Pattinson and i have no idea what i would say to him i probably would be too nervous to talk to him but i would sure be happy to see him though :)

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