what twilight couple is your favorite and why

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Charlisle and Esme. They are so strong together, and they are everything for what this kind of vampires stand.
Edward and Bella because I love the chemistry that they have and the love for one another.
Rosalie & Emmett i love their story & they recked quite a few houses!
i think jasper and alice they look and act perfect together!!
Um, i confused...
Both :
1. Carlisle and Esme, because they're perfect couple...
2. Edward and Bella, because they're sexy couple...
I love Jasper and Alice because they have such interessting pasts and are so perfect!!!!!!!
Rosalie and Emmet because i love how there so protective of eachother and are so devoted 2 one another but still know how 2 have fun and theyve wrecked way more houses then Edward and Bella!!:D
Edward and Bella! because they would do anything for each other.
very confused
its between:
edward and bella-cos they have great chemistry and r a perfect couple
but also....
jasper and alice-cos they r also a perfect couple plus they look really gd 2gether
Carlisle and Esme !!! duh!!!! they're the best vampires, ever.i would want my relationships to be like theirs.
Bella and Edward they struggled to be together, fought and everything. they r just the best. no other couple in the Twilight Saga went through any set of pain to be together, but Bella and Edward they were meant to be no matter what.
i think alice and jasper coz they're meant for each other,
like true soulmates. the love between them is so amazing.
jasper would do anything if he thought it would make alice happy.

....see, cassie, i have feelings. :P

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