what twilight couple is your favorite and why

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No contest for me; Carlisle and Esme are my favorite! =] They are so underappreciated. They have such a strong relationship and their capacity to love and accept and give is something that I admire deeply. I hope to have a relationship half as strong as theirs when I'm older.

I am always touched by their moments in the books; both being ever-sweet, ever-compassionate, and ever-supportive. I wish that we'd heard more from them in the books and that they weren't so under-used in the movie.

I'm also hoping that we'll get cardboard cutouts of them soon! haha =D
there all amazing in there own different ways......they all set execellent examples of loving relationships we all could live by and have.......we just have to create what we want in our world and not let anyone say we can't...........:)
I have no favourite twilight couple...I can't choose...XD
All couples are great...Carlisle and Esme are so strong...I think they are the reason for "the Cullens" being a family.
Rosalie and Emmett complete one another as do Alice and Jasper and Edward and Bella...
...for example Alice is really vivid and active and Jasper is more calm.
With him she is at ease, he is the place where she turns to, to come to a rest...
So I don't have a "favourite couple" because all couples are perfect for their (soulmates) each other...

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