I see myself as Bella becouse i am smart and i like her fashion

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Bella, because i am like Bella. but I like the forest and the rain.
i think of myself as alice... im very tiny and i have a personality like hers... and i like to shop! =D
I have to say Bella I fall and i fall hard. Im such a romantic.Im also a bit sacastic and she seems that to. Plus the Edward thing u cant forget that.
i see myself as Rosalie, as i'm feisty and got a lot of bad temper but loving when in gud mood!
Oh, I felt WAY comfortable in Bella's shoes...but I really saw myself more in Edward. I think cuz he has this love-hate thing with himself and he's always trying to protect Bella's "virtue". She wasn't the only "suffering in-silence type" :)
I see myself as bella cuz im clumbsy and i have that real aqward qwality to me that she has but my friends say Rose cuz i've got the attitude of her but then i can be the most loving person in the world.
i'm sooooooo Bella!!! we have exactly the same personality and i would do the same things she did if i were in her position...well..exept of that kiss with the dog =/
my dad says he is jake cuz he would like edward to go some where

isnt my dad dumb :p
I'm Bella in the way that she is the caregiver. When I make my mind up on something I stick with it. I feel that I have my own kind of shield. I rarely let anyone inside my head so I guess I am a suffer in silence type also.
I feel i can most relate to BELLA because i am shy, dont fit in, mature for my age, i do the 'suffering in-silence' thing, I get really lonely sometimes, I like to read, I wear very little makeup 'natural look' I have brown hair naturally,...really i'm alot like Bella.

(O yer LoL...and i love Edward Cullen :D xx)
Esme! She's loving & nurturing, very motherly, and takes care of all the other vampires. That would be me =^)
And Rosalie - not for the narcissist - but for the mechanic & love for all cars! <3

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