Who do you think is cuter ( Edward,Jacob, Emmett, Jasper,or Carlise) and why?

I love Edward, but my best friend loves Jasper. And my sister loves Jacob. It gets so confusing I don' t know who is cuter and is uglier SOS HELP ME PLEASE!

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hi sissy love you u no jacob
i think edward and jacob r both so cute i cant make up my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but im a edward luver
how can u even ask us such a question!!! i say all of them but out of the five emmett is my least fave. stil love him just love the others more!!!
I think Jasper has the cutest face but Edward has the sexiest face. Edward all the way! lol
i lovvveee edward and jaccobb both of them are hoottttttttt!!!! xxxx add me xxx
1. Jacob .. because he is sooooo gorgeous ! and adorable !
2. Jasper .. because he is really nice looking too and an important member of thee Cullen family
3. Carlisle .. becasue he is an amazing doctor and soo gorgeous
4. Emmett .. he has a really nice body ;)
5. Edward .. eckkkkk
edward. he is very romantic

So I assume you mean the actors who portray them right?

For me I think they are all very good looking in their own way. (Even Taylor/Jacob even though I can't stand the character he plays.) I think they are all HOT guys. We seriously have THE HOTTEST cas I have ever seen for one movie! Even the girls Bella, Esme, Alice, Rosalie, Jessica, Angela. They are all beautiful girls too.

edward but jake is hot too
Is there a competition? Emmett<3

1. Edward

Because Edward is Edward, romantic, gentleman, protective and so on. Doesn't need to explain. *wink* ;)


2. Emmett

Because he is so hot, funny and sweet teddy bear. :)


3. Carlisle

Duh, he is handsome doctor. (And compassionate) Who wouldn't love him?  *wink* ;)


4. Jasper

Because he has those enchanting eyes.  And I love his accent. :)

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