Who Do You Think Is The Best/Worst Cast In Twilight ??

I think that they are all perefect but if i had to choose

best - ashley greene as alice or robert pattinson (of course)
worst - byrce dallas howard as victoria

I think that when we read the book the people that we pictured arent just going to pop out of the page so i loved the cast, they are all great i think. i thought launrent would have looked diffrent but he really pulled it off great in new moon i think.. i also thought that the best cast was victoria she is exacley how i pictured her !.. perfect and im sad rachelle got recast..... but weve seen bryce and i know that its probley bad to judge her now. but as victoria i dont think that shes going to live up to rachelle. so i picked her as worst.
so tell me what you think.
All opinons are welcomed :D :D

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i loved all the cast! i think robert is the almost perfect edward cos really who can be as perfect as edward and rob came very close:D i thought kristen is the perfect bella she is very plain but still absolutly stunning and she plays bella perfectly with the awkwardness and shes even awkward off screen so makes her even ore perfect to play bella! and her and robs chemistry is jsut wow! i think taylor was perfect for jacob aswell and played him perfectly! and og billy burke is just THE perfect charlie!!! hes so funny with his awkward emotional teenage daughters ways:Leven tho nikki is stunning i just didnt thnk she was the perfect rosalie,i expected her to have natural beautiful blonde hair and be absolutly mind blowingly beautiful but i still love nikki and i think she plays her very welL:D og but kellan lutz! he was just born to play emmett!!!! even off screen he has the same personailty as emmett!!!! and has the same sense of humour!!
I love everyone and everything just as is, all but 1. I love nikki as an actress, but as rosalie, I just don't buy it, she is beautiful in her "normal" skin. It is just so bazare to see her pale and blond, I think it takes away from her beauty. With that, I don't know who I would but in as rosalie. I also think so many people are hateing on bryce only because she replaced an orignal cast member and that kindsa broke a lot of hearts. I have seen bryce in a few other rolls I don't have strong fellings about her either way, but don't think we should judge her till we see her in the roll, the movie, not pics or clips. I just think if anyone out of all of the orginal cast were recast we would hate who they put in their place.
in my opinion there is no worst or best.i love all of them and i respect them and their job very much. i think everyone is just perfect for the role. you cannot love the books and mostly the movies without loving the actors especially robert pattinson or kristen stewart who are the main roles. although i was a little annoyed at first with bryce as victoria now i'm confident that she's going to make a great job.it's true that rachelle would have been the best but things happened and it's not bryce's fault.i'm sure she tried to do her best.so i can't judge her now.is best to wait until the movie is realeased to see if she managed to content us.
i Think The Worst Cast Member Is Rob, because he is supposed ti be absolutley hansome but i dont see it at all, so i thought that was a let down

the best i think was the rest of the cullens they did an amazing job and the wolf pack aswell

i also think taylor did a great job as jacob,

i think dakota was great for jane, she soo good at being evil
Best: Ashley, rob, peter, taylor because they really ARE their characters, dont know how to explain :)
Worst: Dakota, nikki and jamie
Well, i can live with nikki as rosalie but i find it hard to watch the volturi scen in new moon because of dakota and jamie. They are so wrong to me
i think taylor is definately the best guy for jacob. he meets the physical requirements, looks good on a poster, and even kristen says that she loves acting with him because she can believe ever line he says. the worst one without a doubt is bryce dallas howard. i've never even seen her before and i know that rashelle was better. stupid summit... bad choices.... lousy ideas.... *continues.to.mumble.angrily*

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