Who Is the Teen Heartthrob You Fell In Love With When You Were a Child/Adolescent?

Yep, yep, yep for those who know me will know I'm just very boy-crazy lolz ;p!

So all of us when we were younger fell for the famous teen heartthrob of the time; whether it was in the 70's John Travolta, the 80's John Stamos, the 90's Nick Carter, the early 2000's Aaron Carter (fame and good looks runs in the family lol) or recently Justin Bieber. This blog is for you to answer who is or was your favourite teen heartthrob???

OR if you have any other teen heartthrobs that haven't been shown, leave a comment below anyway and let us know who your favourite teen heartthrob is!

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Awwww!!! Lucky YOU got to meet him at least! And you actually had the guts to ask him for a kiss??? OMFG I wouldn't :O. When did you meet him??

Kristina Walden said:
Omg nick Carter was and still is my dream guy he leaves me speechless literally I met him once and could only manage to say " can u sign this" and" cani have akiss" lol

Glee said:
My favourite teen heartthrobs are Nick Carter when he was a teenager (my absolute dream guy BTW!), I had a massive crush on Jesse McCartney when I was 8, Taylor Lautner coz he is THE dreamiest guy on the planet and of course, Cody Simpson!!
When I was younger,I loved Usher.Just a couple of years ago,I was absoultrly IN LOVE with Chris Brown.Completely obsessed.Well now,I like Ryan Reynolds,Ashton Kutcher,Zac Efron(younger),Etc.And as you can tell be my icon,I ADORE KStew<3
@sad eyes-Yes!Enrique is so Sexy and hot!
It was still Robert Pattenson!!
Yup!!! Robert pattinson alll the way!!!! 

Mrs. Nicole Cullen said:
It was still Robert Pattenson!!

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