not just in twilight just in general  who is ur fav villain?

mine would have to be the joker because i think he is the best villan because of all the things he does but mostly because i love heath ledger as him in the dark night loved it it make me love the joker even more

so what is your fave villan????? please leave comments on my choose thanks!!!!!!!!!!

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i would have to agree that I also love the joker as a villian, the performance in Dark Night was epic.

My favorite villian is actually Aro from the Twilight Saga.  Michael Sheen is deliciously evil and yet charming at the same time.


At this moment I can think of only one except the Joker.


Angelus (when Angel from Buffy loses his soul)


My favorite villians are Katherine and Uncle John from The Vampire Diaries (Katherine is way badass), Queen Nehelenia from Sailor Moon SuperS (I should probably watch that story again because I totally forget what happens), Jafar and Iago from Aladdin, Gaston from Beauty and the Beast (he has some of the funniest lines in that movie) and Helena Cassadine from General Hospital because she doesn't even pretend she's a good person, and she owns being evil.

Wow. I have a lot more favorites than I thought lol.

I gotta say I love Heath Ledger!! Go Aussie's!! So I'd have to say the Joker he played it soo well!! and of course the Volturi aswell!! especially Aro and Cauis!! lol

The joker (Heath Ledger) or Aro (Michael Sheen) ...
Heath was such a good actor and played every role soo well!

Aro! Michael Sheen is so good at what he does.. he comes across has being very intimidating but also charming at the same time.. He is the one that seems to have the most compasion as far as the volturi goes but really he is the one coming up with all the plans like when he tries to cause a fight, because even though Caius is trying to come up with reasons it's Aro who comes up with the final reason (before Alice comes of course) in breaking dawn

I would have to say Aro.  He is way dangerously evil and charming at the same time....

this i awesome dude....:).

i agree with nene pattinson..aro is my fav villian too...
In the Twilight Saga, my favorite villain is Aro.  He is so dangerous but so subtle.

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