Can u choose ur favorite vamp or is it just 2 much for u?????

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Yeah I totally agree with u!!!!!!!!!!

jodecia Cullen said:
i really like alice cuz she's just so sweet and seems like the perfect sister, and also i share her loooove of clothes so i think we'd work out great!!!!
That's easy - Alice ! ... spunky, off-the-wall - very protective, as all the Cullens are, but to a fault, I think.

Read Stephenie's New Moon Extras to see how involved she remains in Bella's life, after Edward left - she stays close to Charlie & Bella, looking, always looking for danger and for her interactions with Rose over how Edward came to know the events of Bella's "cliff dive" -

And, then, in Breaking Dawn - the clues she left for Bella and how she literally "saves the day" in the clearing.

Yes, she seems to be everyone's fav but for me it's like she almost out-mothers Esme, if that's possible !!

LoL :)
please do please be nice but i like Laurent (yes he a bad boy but i just like his style
every boddy luvs emmett and alice because theyre like the perfect bothers! but................ were forgetting this especial caracter that gaves to Edward and Bella the opportunity to live and lov each other!!! CARLISLE the rason why the Cullens are our favorite family!!! ;-)
I love Jasper :))
hes so dangerous and so kind at the same time ...
and Alice of course,i think everybody adore Alice :))
Hmmmmm, I'd have to say CARLISLE! i love him coz hes so kind and totally gorgeous! also, if it wasnt for carlisles compassionate nature, the whole cullen family wouldnt exist. Edward would have died from spanish influenza, esme would have died jumping off a cliff, Rosalies fiance would have killed her, and emmett would have been killed by that bear! I dont know what would have happened to ali9ce and Jasper tho. . . . . hmmmm, i wonder. but still, hes the awesomest!
omg well i have to go with emmett bc hes mul mate since im rosalie :P




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