Most people would probably say EDWARD!! or Jacob or Bella but my favourite character is Alice (even though im totally in love with Edward). Was just wandering who everyone prefers and why???

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Alice Cullen :D :D :D :D :D <3
Alice Cullen!! she is the best and should of had more and more dialouge lol i love her to bits!
alice cullen definitely!! and alice and jasper are my favourite couple =)
I love Carlisle. Edward is my eye candy, but Carlisle is incredible. The story of how he became a vamp, his centuries of dedicating himself to helping humans, he's pretty incredible, even for fiction!
EMMETT!! cause hes jus lyk meh!! honestly iv you would put us in a room together wed proberble rock it with laughter !! hehe =] (nd cause ma last name b 'lutz' :P ye jayde lutz in the hizel!!!)
After Edward ,my favorite character it's Jasper.I know it's sounds weird but it's exactly my type.Edward it's the perfect guy for every girl but I don't know if I'm good enough for him ,you know? =)
Jasper made some mistakes it's more easier with him.I like that he is mysterious and we don't know too many things about him.
But I still love all the characters from the Saga,except Jacob,Paul,Mike the Volturi clan and the bad vampires :Victoria(but I love Rachelle),Laurent and James.
That's my opinion so...don't judge me!
Alice cullen because she is absaloutly amazing, emmett coz he's the big brother that i think most people want, and dakota fanning because she is an amazing jane but im not too sure about her in the book she shows more in the film x
I actually like two characters Bella and Edward. But my favourite of all is Edward
my favorite is Ewdard Cullen Definitely
Mine is Esme..I loove Alice and Edward of course, but I find myself most in Esme..she's so loving, caring and incredible..
love her♥
Defo Edward! Well he's just so lovely isn't he?

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