Most people would probably say EDWARD!! or Jacob or Bella but my favourite character is Alice (even though im totally in love with Edward). Was just wandering who everyone prefers and why???

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AAHH!!! What an insane question. much as I adore Alice, Bella, and Edward. And Jasper...I have to say Renesmee. I love children. And, Edward and Bella's child..well..that's pretty incredible. She's a little miracle, I have to say.
YES he is. He IS Twilight.

Hollie Crystalbloodzz Family :) said:
Defo Edward! Well he's just so lovely isn't he?
after Edward i have a few that i like,
i like Angela coz she is like a friend should be dont care who ur bf is and i also like Renesmee as she is totally unique and all new experience for all vampires including Volturi plus i think that Seth is totally cool the way he is the first to really get on with the Cullens and help Jacob get over Bella
Alice is my favorite. I just connect with her in a way. Alice is my inspiration! I love her like an older sister (even though I don't know her) haha! :) <333333
Other than the three main characters....definitely Seth Clearwater! He's just so full of live and joy. I love that about him.
Esme Cullen. She is the strong mother figure that everyone likes.
I agree.Robert Pattinson is the perfect Edward.But,honestly,I love almost all the characters.Esme is a wonderful woman.Seth is a great friend,what friends should be like,Jake is just,Jake,awesome, funny,loving.Bella,well.She is almost as complicated as Edward,she is not simple at all actually.Charlie and Carlisle,the loving fathers.The only characters i dont like are Caius,Jane,Alec and Dimitri.
But Edward,200% the best!
bwen said:
Edward of course!!! He is timeless...he is a dream come true, and he is a version of reality, he is a nightmare and a fantasy. He can be anything you want him to be, the ultimate gentleman, the bad boy, the perfect lover, the dramatic hero, the emo suffering musician and poet and on and on.
This character has the ability to tap into your imagination at so many levels because Stephanie Meyers has left so much unsaid or fades to black in pivotal moments, so it's your imagination that fills in the gaps, and he can be different every time you read the books, he is an outline created by SM and we as the readers are the ones that fill in the behind the scenes detail to suit ourselves.
Lets face it the books are from Bella's POV and there is so much that goes on with Edward that she is not privy to, just as he can't read her mind she has no insight into his, so he is ours to make of what we want.
I Love the character in the books and then in the movies that gorgeous man Robert Pattinson always hints that there is more to Edward than is written. The depth of his character in the films remains unexplored and what is more fascinating than a mysterious romantic figure played to perfection by Rob, despite the limitations of screenplays that have at times been flat.
Rob has afforded us the rare opportunity (at least to me) to put a face and body to a beloved character, he has translated the written word into a voice and a style that suits my imagination. Fortunately for Rob he can peel Edward off at the end of the day and move on to other roles and if his fans are truly his fans they will NOT allow him to be defined by his role as Edward Cullen...he is essentially a 21st century Renaissance man, multi talented, concerned more about what he creates than fame or fortune, ferociously loyal to friends and family, selfless and generous and furiously private... hey maybe he does have some Edward like qualities.
i love alice but i relate to esme alot expect i dont have children
have to be tossed up between edward and jasper. i like edward more but i can relate to jasper more, as in being a bit of the shy, outsider one who know one should mess with (:
Alice you cann't not like her she is to happy and free to not like and honestly I've liked her sense the first book. I wish Stephanie did more with her character like maybe a little bit more of a back story like rosalie had but only her's would be in spurts like memories coming back to her. I think that would be cool but im no author.

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