Who should be cast in Stephenie Meyer's latest book turned movie, The Host?

Stephenie Meyer has it made. It’s probably safe to assume that anything she writes will turn to gold immediately – and film makers know it. So like the Twilight saga, her latest novel, The Host, will soon come to life on the silver screen.

Referred to as her “first adult novel”, Stephenie Meyer leaves fantasy behind and tackles science fiction in The Host. Although it’s only been on the bookshelves for a little more than a year, several film makers have already attempted to gain the rights to the book, unsuccessfully. But with the director of Meyer’s favorite sci-fi film, Gattaca, on board with the project, she’s finally ready to move ahead with the film adaptation of her book.

I read The Host a few months ago, and it wasn’t exactly the page turner that Twilight was, but in all fairness, most books aren’t (at least they haven’t been for me). But it was interesting to say the least. I wrote a book review on The Host in July, so rather than regurgitate a previous blog post, I’ll just direct you to it here: http://bit.ly/2twzk4.

Movie material

Being sci-fi, the book is quite complicated. I found it hard to get into at first. But with Meyer’s wonderfully descriptive writing style, you get such a vivid picture of the characters and the story, that you inevitably become invested. While reading, people would ask me if it was as good as Twilight and my answer was; no, definitely not. And when people asked me to explain it, I had a hard time. But one thing I remember telling people was that it would make a really great movie, and unlike Twilight, there’s a strong chance that The Host would make a better movie than book.

The perfect cast

The whole time I was reading, I kept trying to imagine what actors I could see playing the characters in the story. I saw online that Meyer’s had a few actors in mind to play the lead roles, naming Robert Redford, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and Casey Affleck as a potential cast. But I disagree.

My cast picks would be a bit younger and not (yet) as famous, and they'd have to look really good sweaty and dirty (their constant state in the book). My dreamy cast would include: Melanie/Wanderer (Jessica Stroup/90210), Jared (Ryan Kwanten/True Blood), Ian (Kellan Lutz/Twilight), Kyle (Jim Parrack/True Blood), and Jeb…well, if Stephenie Meyer wants Robert Redford, fine with me, but I was thinking of someone a bit fatter and more hillbilly.

This has the potential to be a thrilling and gritty movie, with the right mix of action, suspense, and love. Of course being sci-fi, we should see some incredible special effects breathing life into Stephenie Meyer’s wild imagination on film. This is one movie that I’m really looking forward to. And by the way, if they’re going to keep calling it Meyer’s first “adult novel”, then I’ll be expecting some pretty good “adult” scenes, if you know what I mean.

If you read The Host, let me know who your cast picks would be!

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Tbh When People Asked Me If It Was As Good As Twilight I Always Replied That It Was Just Soooo Different Lol

Im Really Looking Forward To Seeing What They Do With It As A Movie...I Just Hope They Do It Right Because I Think It Is An Amazingly Well Thought About And Written Book!

As Far As The Casting Goes I Just Have No idea Because Well I See The Characters In My Head As The People You Know.

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