I was looking at the cast website and there were pictures of the volturi on there Jane,, Alec and Aro arent exactly how I pictured them but they do actually look scarey, LIKE REALLY SCAREY, who agrees and what do you think of the cast?

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she looks perfectly fine
every thinks oh shes played by dokota fanning
shes to innocent but wat eva
did you see the posters for angels and demons? well when i saw that my stomach dropped!! i was so scared it reminded me of the volturi. i think that cast is pretty scarey.
I think they look great. They give off that scary essence without making it overpowering. I love 'em :)
Hmm... I like Alec and Jane (I love Dakota Fanning!), but I'm not too sure about the Volturi leaders. I pictured them much older. But, I am reserving my whole judgement until I see the movie and see how well they played their parts. If they can pull off the Volturi leaders, I can make their appearances okay.
I Think They Did A Great Job Casting The Volturi & Love How They Made Them Look Creepy Yet Beautiful @ The Same Time It Is How I Pictured Them When I Read The Books..
I think the one that looks the scariest is Marcus my goodness that can give someone bad dreams. And his skin is just like its described in the book paper think and looks breakable. ugh i just loved their makeup awmazing.
ARO looks exactly as I pictured him. I cannot believe Dakota Fanning is playing JANE??? Thats a plus!!! Shes a great actress though they should have died her hair black it would have made her alot more Volturi like. Alec is ok I guess.

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