who would be your Bf and Who your boyfriend ( Edward or Jake)...?

i think i would take edward as a boyfriend and jake as a friend....
whats your thought about it Who ? pls with a reason..

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Edward as a boyfriend and Jake as a friend thats the way its supposed to be :)
I think that Edward would be a better boyfriend for me then Jacob would. Edward seems more like the guiet type and I think that would be best for me. But Jacob would be a good best friend!
Edward would be my boyfriend, and Jake would be my Best friend. Edward is just more mature and plus he's a vampire. jake is a warewolf, but id rather have him as a friend, not as a boyfreind
For a boyfriend def EDWARD. You need maturity and romance, Eddie has both of that and then some. Jake is a buddy.
i wuld have edward bcuz he is more like me than jacob. but jacob is sarcastic and i like sarcastic guys. i dont now who to date though. i guess i wuld date a sarcastic edward.
i wuld also want edward bcuz werewolfs smell like dog. and i wuld kill a werewolf with my venom
i wuld want edward for my Boyfrined!..Because he is cind and sensitive, protective..a dream boyfrined if u wuld..and jake..im not actualy shure that i wuld like him for my friend..or anything in that matther..i wuld like him to be my brother...i know how it sounds but...wuldn´t it be cool to have a lit bro like him :)??

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