Have some reasons .. is now with you ... Who do you prefer ... EDWARD or JACOB?

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I am team Jacob because Edward is over protective of Bella and is a stalker. Jacob is very sweet and he gots the muscles!!
Team Jcaob ! -- Becausee he knows bella best , hee can do thinqs w| her that Edward cant ; Likee keep her warm at niqht -- sleep with her .. Go Out iin the SUN - - Hess Really Sweet, Wont Ever Hurt Her & Much Much Cuter ! Etc.
why not
i prefer edward
Hmm Jacob Totally :) its like rawr
I'd have to absolutely say Edward... He makes me melt (Rob does too :) ) Just done a quiz on Facebook to find out who my Twilight Soulmate is... Was stoked when it came up with Edward, aahhh!! But then again, who else would I spend the rest of eternity with????
JACOB !! && Because i recentlyy wee havee likee the same bad habits && his birthdayy is onlyy 3 days awayy from minee . && Becausee Hes HOT && funnyy . LOVE HiM !!
I'm surprised by how many people are team Jacob! I actually took a quiz that said Jake would be better for me, so I may be having a change of heart. He just feels like more of the "boy next door" to me. Am I the only one that can't decide?!
I dunno coz Edward is so loving and protective but Jacobs more fun and he could also prtect you maybe not as good as edward but like jecob said he's "overprotective". Plus Jacob is obnoxous but Edward is just i dunno lmao x
Okay, i think im team jacob now... and i'm no tthe only one! Emmy's representin, too: http://www.celebrity-gossip.net/celebrity_gallery/image_full/217005/
where did she get that botttle?

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