Who's better 4 bella Edward or Jacob

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I think Edward is better for Bella bc though Edward can be at times a little uh...'overdramatic', he truly loves Bella. Jake is just not able to have a healthy relationship with Bella. The feelings were never real, he loved Ness. He could have imprinted at any time, and he fell for Bella when she was weak and vulnerable. Jake would have only been a runner up and as annoying as he is in Eclipse, he wouldn't deserve that.
Edward is better 4 Bella..................in twilight serise edward & bella still love each other...... in twilight 2 bella fill deep pain 4 edward......jacob just like a good fr.......
Edward, a million times over. Mainly because Bella may love Jacob on some level, but she can not live without Edward.
well we all know the answer to that. Jacob continues to hurt Bella and Edward is always doing what is right for Bella. Her love and devotion shows how much she is in love with Edward and yet she love Jacob like a friend. Edward is the one for her.
Edward is better for Bella than Jacob because their relationships are different. Edward loves Bella on that way - that he can't live without her. She loves him on the same way but I think she loves Jacob as a best friend and she always think she owes him too much. So I can't call that love, that's friendship love.

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