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my favourites are Alice and Edward
I would have to agree with Stephanie i would have Alice and Edward because i would still feel comfortable with them sticking their teeth into my neck, and stopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o.0
I like them all, there all so nice and there all my favorite, Edward, Emmet, Jasper, Alice, and Rosalie.
Edward. He is the best looking and just the BEST
Edward of course :D He's my fav because of his dazzling personality, and the way he makes you wanna actually be Bella. And of course he's gorgeous :D
Edward of course no question! He is beautiful. Love you Robert Pattinson forever and always!! xxxxxxxxxxxx
Edward / Alice / Carlisle / Esme
Edward is such a complex character - I pick him because he is Bella's soulmate and except for his gaffe in New Moon, [leaving her like that] ... will do nothing to harm or upset her ; he is both lover and protector, what more could you ever want - he is beholden to her every wish (save for accepting Jake into their lives, perhaps) - hey, maybe he is human after-all ...

Alice because she is so upbeat with nary a "down" cycle always looking toward the positive

Carlisle because he is as selfless as the day is long providing warmth and direction for all

Esme because of her love for her family and her soft spot for Edward and his here-to-fore troubled existence / a mother's wish for her son to be able to shed his pain ...
tie between Jasper and Alice:)
i like alice and jasper cuz they are positivley FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! alice is so stylish and jasper is soooooooooo charming whether he uses his gift or not ;)
Girls- Alice because there is something about her that i love i just cant figure it out. Boys- Emmett because he is so funny but can be sensitive and seriour
*i mean serious
Edward da and Alice

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