who's your favorite twilight character? bella, edward, alice, jasper, rosalie, emmett, carlisle, jacob, sam, paul, jared, seth, leah or other

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I love Bella, and I also like Angela, but you see very little of her. For the guys...hm, Carlisle and Seth, I'd say.
heyya guys thanks 4 all the comments a like to hear about all your favorite characters keep posting xx
team emmett rules
Edward, not just because Robert Pattinson plays him in the movies but i've always like the character Edward when i was reading the books. I also like Alice, Emmett and Seth. And Jasper just recently but that could be the actor who plays him :)
My favorite Girl: Mary Alice Brandon Cullen :))) <3

Favorite Guy: Edward Anthony Masen Cullen :)) <3
totally emmett cullen not only is he sexy he has a nice pack of abs and riley biers cuz he is just frikkin sexi
if you have read breaking dAWN u will find that jacob is a freakin ped and he imprints on reneseme

Lorraine Powell said:
The reason the Twilight series works so well is because every character is so well written! I loved Jacob as soon as I read New Moon (and that was before I saw Taylor Lautner with his shirt off!) his character is so passionate, he is 100% enthusiastic all the time. I know he has a bit of temper, he tries to wind the vampires up, he keeps pushing Bella for more than friendship but look how caring he is, he looks after his Dad, he picks up the pieces of Bella's heart when Edward leaves. He tries not to, but he does care for the other members of the wolf pack. In the midst of trying to deal with the issue that's been thrown at him (we don't all wake up finding out we're werewolves!) and be in love with someone who loves someone else and be a teenager (days I remember vaguely, from way back when I was one ;-D) Don't forget Edward had nearly a century to get used to what he is, Jacob's barely had 16 years to cope with being human without all the other stuff on top! Gotta love that boy.
I also think Alice is fantastic, her story would be fabulous to know more intimately. Anyway that's just my opinion!! And Charlie - how did someone so calm, introverted fall in love with the whirlwind that is Bella's mum? How has he survived all those years barely seeing his daughter to haver her move in age 17? He's an interesting character but one that is barely thought about!!
Riley!!!!!!!!!! I' tap that. Oh and Alice is pretty hawsome ;D
Edward hands down! Plus, Robert Pattinson as Edward makes me hyperventilate, cuz he's so hot!!
for me its a tie between edward and alice!
rosalie hales said:
my fav guy has 2 b emmett nd my fav girl is tied between angela, alice nd rosalie :D

Me too... Er, Emmet I mean... I think Twilight won't be that much fun without Emmet, lol. I love Bella and Edward of course and Alice too... but I think Emmet somehow being 'normal' side of the whole mess and he certainly brings a lot of fun inside the Cullen family. I always loves the part where he teases Bella, esp in Breaking Dawn.

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