who's your favorite twilight character? bella, edward, alice, jasper, rosalie, emmett, carlisle, jacob, sam, paul, jared, seth, leah or other

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I LOVE Edward! Of course. :) But I also like Carlisle (he is best doctor ever and so lovable and sweet!) and Emmet (He is so irresistible and funny!). And then Bella and Alice.
Me too! I really hope that the Midnight Sun will be published!!!!!!!!

HisEternalSoulmate said:
Edward. Not only my favorite Twilight character, but probably my favorite fictional character ever :)
If When Midnight Sun comes out, I'll definitely be a very happy person lol
Alice and Emmet ;)
edward forever
J Jenks!!! LOL just kidding I can't really pick i love them all the same.
I guess if I had to pick ONE character it would be Edward. I love that MAN!!!

I do love ALL of the Cullens though. Each for different reasons. I usually say that I'm Team Cullen cause they are all awesome.
And Seth. He's the BEST werewolf!!
Edward. Then Bella, then Charlie.
Carlisle has always been my favorite charactor and the reason I got so hooked on the series to begin with. He is the moral base of the entire story because he still has faith in God and he still believes that he and the Cullen's have a chance of salvation,despite the fact that they are vampires.If he didn't he would just raise his family like other vampires--with no remorse,conviction or respect for human life.
Alice is my favorite female charactor because shes just plain adorable lol. I cant say I'm team Jacob or Edward because a 27 yr old guy picking either one is just....wrong lol. I'll just say this--I'm not a dog lover lol

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