I wanna know whose seen New Moon! Was it good, did it follow along with the book? Tell me BUT PLEASE NO SPOILERS! I hate that :-)

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It was very good, follows the book a lot but some of the scenes are set in different places kinda the way that twilight is. It was actually pretty funny considering that it was new moon. All of the characters (with the exception of bella) were awesome, the acting was awesome (once again except for kstew). But it was great and Edward was beautiful and Charlie looked pretty cute too and he was funny too. Jake was even funny even though i really dont like him. Mike was freakin funny too and EMMETT hahaha oh man he is absolutely beautiful and funny. You are going to love it, i guarantee it!!!!
I thought Kristen did a wonderful job! I think she showed the way Bella felt really well. The movie was really funny too, and if you haven't read the book then the ending would be a HUGE cliffhanger. Taylor and Robert did a great job. Must see, critics are stupid it was just as good as the book
i saw and i think that it is even better than twilight even more faithful
I have it was soooooo good. They kept to the book well too.And taylor had 4 scenes wit no shirt, yes i counted lol but he is jus so fine lol it had alot of funny parts too, now im jus waitin for Eclipse!!!!!! i jus want to scream lol
It followed the book pretty closely overall. Obviously there are some scenes from a book that you can't fit into the time frame of a movie, but they did a great job with putting it all together! New Moon is actually my least favorite book from the series, but I really enjoyed the film. I'm not sure if I like it better than 'Twilight', but it is darn good! I do have a new appreciation for Jacob now (I'm Team Edward) and I think that Taylor Lautner did a fantastic job with his role! Really brought Jacob to life!! I saw it at a midnight show last night and it was total chaos at the theater...they oversold the tickets and some poor people didn't even have a place to sit! :(
OMG!!! Just got home from seeing it....one word......AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was true to the book, the CGI effects were way better then expected....perfect is all I can say.
OMG I want to see it soooooooo bad!!!!!!!! I've read all the books and New Moon would have to be my least favorite but seeing the previews, the movie looks fantastico! lol. Ican tell you that im really excited to see Jake without a shirt on.....*sigh* lol. But I'm glad it follows the story and I'm pumped to see it TONIGHT!!!!!!!! Doesnt Ecplise come out in June 2010?
OME!!! i watched it yesterday and it was INCREDIBLE. better than i'd expected! i loovveeeeedddddd it!!!!
Amazin'! Go see it, almost identical to the book, not quite, but they couldnt put everything in it. Chris Weitz did an awsome job. Best movie ever :)
I'm going to the first showing tomorrow morning! I've heard good and bad. I can't wait to see it
2 me it was ok 1 is betta then 2 but hey thtz me

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