I wanna know whose seen New Moon! Was it good, did it follow along with the book? Tell me BUT PLEASE NO SPOILERS! I hate that :-)

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i already seen it last Sunday with my little brother & sister. Overall the movie followed the book pretty well and it's really great & awesome!! Haha but my little sis really upset when jacob's dumped by Bella in the last scene. All the actor/actress doing their job really well especially Mike (he's really funny!!!), Laurent & Wolf pack CGI transformation (loved it!!). I do hope in Eclipse, they'll put more action especially in fight scene between new born vampire (lead by Victoria)- the Cullen- Wolf pack - the Volturi......now i can't wait to see Eclispe!!!! :)
I have seen it twice, it was soooo awesome!! I loved it! I thought it was really close to the book. Two thumbs waaaay up from me!! :)
i saw new moon the first day it came out and it was wonderful. i loved every part of it.it felt like the whole book was going in fast motion. it was realy funny. i didnt expect that seeing that edward and bella broke up but yeah.
i personally was disappointed the very first time i saw it. But then again it couldve been that i went to the midnight showing and had to sit about 5 feet away from the screen, and there were some really rude ppl talking and laughing throughout the whole movie. However is saw it again the next day and liked it a lot better. Your post was from the 20th of november so im going to assume you already saw it. How'd you like it?

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