hey people, i would like to know wht would you do if you had 2 hours with edward or jacob??? come spilll it all out

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what wouldnt i do with edward,my imagination is so ooooooooobig & creative, but believe me More action , less talk lol ;)
I would spend time with Jacob and bielive me it will be so awsome
too much to do in too little time LOL
2 hours to spend with Edward oh nooo I wish it was all the eternity.
I Know Edward won't Approved ....but can we Sin after all doesn't have no soul lol
I would lay next to Jacob like Bella does in the tent scene with the BIGGEST SMILE on my face.
two hours is not enough time for me and edward, we would need more like 4 hours. some talk, nut ALOT more action will happen between us at night.
i wuld spend time with edward. we wuld talk about the fam. defintly about how hes taking having jacob try to take bella fail then imprint on nessie. that wuld b hard 4 me bcuz jacob caused all theyre disagreements excet 4 when the topic wuz bellas mortality oh and flirting hes hot who wuldnt flirt
Uh, the better question wuld be what wuldnt i do!...i´d spend the day w edward.
Just enjodying evrey second, minut, hour..it wuld be romantic, we wuld spend the day at home, beeing together..and the night..well, i have a big imagination..and a dirty one..so ur better of not knowing! ;)

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