Ok so this has been bothering me for a while now and i just need other peoples' opinions. It is known that some people love to bash the Twilight Saga and all the fans get pissed blah blah blah. But since bashing a people's work is not acceptable why do Twilight fans do the same? 

First there is Stephen King. He stated his opinion about SM's writing and people just wanted to rip him apart! He is a writer for God's sake and if ANYONE is entitled to an opinion it is him. I'm a Twilight fan but i'm also realistic: Stephanie Mayer is not a good writer. Are her stories good? Sure. But i have seen better writing styles on fanfiction.net.

Moreover, my best friend who is a Once Upon A Time fan, tells me that some Twilight fans go on message boards and say how the writers stole the names from Twilight. Fan fact: Emma Swan has that last name NOT because of Bella but as the writers explain "They're very meaningful creatures and Emma is the link between fairytale and reality. Often in literature and in religious references, swans are the unity between divinity and humanity. So it seemed a great symbolic fit for her to have that name, not even realising that she might be the link.".

Then,i read some stupid comments that Game of Thrones ripped Twilight off: "The character “Eddard” is just a RIPOFF of Edward Cullen, and the “Stark Family” is ripoff of the Cullen Family. Starks are dipshits who let their heads get chop, but da Cullens are IMMORTAL. Not to mention the Lanister twins, a ripoff of Jasper and Rosalie from Twilight! The direwolves are just copying from Jacob and his werewolf pack!!!"  (Just for your info Game of Thrones was relished in the early 1990's so i doubt Martin actually had Twilight in mind. But let's not talk rip off cause Anne Rice might pop in) 

 When will fans stop being paranoid and fanatic and just enjoy the books and movies? Can't people realize that others can have their opinions and if you don't agree you don't have to be disrespectful of somebody's work?  

Oh last but not least...For God's sake what is the whole Nikki Reed hate?? How on earth can you possibly know what went on in somebody else's life? If you are to believe the tabloids then Kristen Steward has been pregnant a dozen times, she and RB have been married 20 times and divorced/broken up twice more. 

Phew..i feel much better now

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I agree about that last part and everything eles
I know how you feel!!! I was reading the reviews on the Hunger Games, one of my Fav books, and there was all this trash about Twilight and how The Hunger Games is a total rip off, about a love triangle. But the thing is, LOVE TRIANGLES HAPPENDED B4 Twilight!!! I mean like, honestly, do these people have no brains?

okay i know its frustrating nd im not one of those people who gets defensive over nothing because if u spend al ur time bashing others because they bash you and calling them ripoffs because they called you one then what makes you any better than them nd im not saying im a frigin saint or anything cuz i HAVE argued in defense of twilight and im not proud of the things i have said to some people but i think tht we should chill and tell them "okay thats cool its your opinion and you are entitled to have an opinion and we may have different viewpoints but thts fine cuz it makes us unique and i like twilight so lets put aside our differences and be civil" instead off cursing each other out nd making a big old fuss about it like my boyfriend doesnt like twilight but he doesnt bash it because he knows how much it means to me so like seriously when we tell them to f*** off we are giving them the reaction they WANT so we should totally just chill and not stress over it or else we are all going to give ourselves like a freakin aneurism or something

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