Why did Meyers do the Bree book and not complete Midnight sun?

I'm sorry- but when I heard that Stephanie Meyers did the Bree book- I was excited- but dissapointed at the same time. She hasn't addressed the Midnight sun completion issue in a while- last I know. - I'm frustrated she chose Bree over Edward. But I also know it has to be artist/writer inspiration involved....but OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO do I want Midnight sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here is a question for Stephanie Meyers....what might inspire her to complete Midnight Sun? What is the artists BLOCK that is preventing its completion?


Am I alone here?

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no your not alone on this one.
you make a good point !
didnt know she had but i agree midnight sun should of been done i really dont care about bree as much as e & b
ur not alone bcuz i dont really care about what bree did while preparing to destroy the twilight series
I agree with you.
Well, I personally think that Bree was a minor character. Stephenie Meyer wrote a complete book on her, thats just shocked me.
Edward was much more important character in the twilight series & she didn't gave him much of a thought (his point of view, I mean).
I know, I read her thoughts about continuation of Midnight Sun, I respect her thoughts. I mean it's completely acceptable that she is angry about leak of her unfinished work. Anyone will be.
But Bree Tanner, really? I mean in twilight series, after Bella, Jacob got chance, now Bree. But not Edward?
AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH .....................................(imagine you heard my scream).

I just hope she thinks of her fans who all are dying out here for Midnight Sun & finish the that book for them.
Or if she wanted to write about a different character then write from Victoria's POV or even Leah's would be cool.
i feel the same way i love the books but bree tanner didnt have anything to do with the series I think shes just trying to see if everyone will just for get about midnight sun BUT THEY WONT!!!!!!!!!!
i read the short second life of bree tannr it wuz so boring stephanie meyer is a wonderful authr but it didnt itrest me. bree is actually a very centrd person very much like me bcuz she luvs 2 read just like me thats all she did just like me she hides just like me she doesnt want 2 fite not just like me not the point but still.

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