Just as the title suggests. Why do you like Edward? Is he better than Jacob?

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I love edward cullen because he different from all the other bone head boy i meet.
Hes kind and puts other before him self.
Also he'll do anything to protect the one he loves.
He very sweet and layed back.
And always looks like someone you can talk to
Plus he has load of experience lol 108 yrs of it lol.
Last but not least he HOTT c'mon now the guy SPARKLES.how many girls can say that about there bf"s
he's mature thoughtful kind and beleives chivalry isnt dead!
He is charming,handsome, and very sweet!
I love Edward because all the reasons everyone gave above. Yes Edward is better (my choice) then Jacob because Jacob is pushy and does not understand the word no.
I love he because he is so nice and he is cute
He's better than Jacob in every way. Edward, he's got so much depth to him, where Jacob hasnt. Edward would do anything for Bella, Jacob wouldnt miss a fight. Edward protects Bella, Jacob suggested jumping off a cliff.
Edward has got so many amazing qualities that have nothing to do with his looks. He could look like Edward, or Quazzie Modo. I love Edward, for just being him.
EDWARD is a perfect guy.. he got what i want ti a guy. he is gentleman,thoughtful.caring,honest,handsome,and most especially he is vampire..
When I first started reading Twighlight I thought I was just hooked on the book and its overall plot, but I was hooked on Edward! He is really irresistable even as a fictional character. I love that he is mysterious and that he jokes alot with Bella. I love the fact that he loves Bella more than his own life and he is not selfish at all when it comes to Bella. His first priority is Bella always making her happy. He is the perfect man.
way better. I love edward cullen because he is perfect in everyway possible as well as unique. He is truly one of a kind
ummm idk but i think its juz the plain fact that he is the first mentioned and that twilight#1 makes u fall in love wit him cuz i kindof fell in luv wit jake in new moon
He is sooooooo amzing its unreal. I mean you could only wish for a guy who is as talented, good looking, intelligent, funny, caring and willing to sacrifice his life for you!!!!!!!!
If only guys could exist like that in real life...Bella is so lucky




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