Just as the title suggests. Why do you like Edward? Is he better than Jacob?

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To me Edward is all that we want in the perfect man. He is just what women look for and try to find. I think he is perfect, but really no man or vampire really is. He is just the idea of what perfection may be. I love how he cares for Bella and tries to take care of her.
Well his eyes where the first thing that got me to love him, adn then the was his skin glows like Diamonds omg that makes it way to hard not to love him...
Edward is better then jacpob because he can read other peoples thoughts, and Jacob has to be wolf for to read his "brothers" minds and Edward just has to stay himself
Why I love edward.. well thats easy. He Cares! unlike some other guys. Anyway he know just what to say to make you want him even more.
And jake is just to brotherly... hehe
He is better because HE IS DA PERFECT MAN


Shall I continue !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
he is perfect: handsome, intelligent, kind, charming, sweet, and lovable.
no one is better than edward not even jacob
By far, Edward is better than Jacob. As a character, I don't like Jacob. Eward is a classy, humble, compassionate character that is full of integrity, humor, strength, and love. Jacob is selfish, sly, manipulative, and cruel. Only Jacob would make the comment..."I'd rather see you dead than with Edward." Where Edward even gives her the choice to choose between him or Jacob (because what she wants matters to him)...Jacob just keeps telling her that he is the best one for her. He is selfish...doesn't care that she is in love with Edward, just keeps cutting Edward down every chance he gets, wiggling his way in between their relationship, and trying to guilt trip her into dumping Edward. Edward even seeks Jacob's help on many occations because he knows they have a good friendship and he would rather keep Bella safe than allow his feelings for Jacob to get in the way. All acts of chivalry, integrity, and true compassion for Bella and what will make her happy. Jacob is all about what will make him happy, he is relentless in his pursuit of her...no matter what Bella tells him or whether she is married or not.
Edward is just a true beautiful soul:) Before Bella he had nothing to hold on to until he meet her. The way he loves her is so beautiful. He even sacrifices his life for her. And in Bella he found a reason to existence and I feel through loving her he leaned how to love himself for who he was and see his own beauty:) That's why I LOVE EDWARD!!!!
I love him because he is so hot and sexy. He loves bella so much, he is willing to let her what ever she wants, even if its not him! He is not like any other guy, just extremly hot! he is better than Jacob because he is extremly immature and stubborn, and totally fights all the way, the exact oppisite of Edward, Team Edward! <3!




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