Ok, so i know Edward is reason enough, but why people like Twilight so much?
What makes it special and unique?

P.S.: I'm doing an English Project about Twilight, and i would really appreciate your opinion.

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the romance the action and it's a great love story with a twist!!!!!!! and psht of course EDWARD!!!!!
Because it is intense and passionate,it's everyone's dream to find someone as loveable as bella and edward!
maybe it's because of edward...
i admit,i liked the movie because of the characters...
and because of edward...
I don't know for any1 else but for me it is a paranormal existence for me; to have this Godlike creature (edward) passionately and 100% devoted to this normal clumsy, girl. In sayin that Edward see's Bella for the beautiful women she is inside not knowing herself fully and like so many women today they do not appreciate themselves enough. To be loved u have to first love yourself within (not in the mirror haha). The twilight saga for me opened my eyes to a world that draws you in and gives hope that people could be that loving and totally devoted for one another and themselves. Really who doesn't want Edward in their life. It captures the passion and the strangled love affair that we have all felt one time or another the difference between Love and Lust is Twilight :)
Hopeless Romantic!!! yes I am
because the story and writing is that damn good :D
Cuz its a really AMAZING BOOK! plus edward is HOT!@




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