Why do you think Rosalie and Jaspers last names are Hale when everyone elses last name is Cullen?

So, Rosalie and Jasper's last name is Hale, while everyone elses last name is Cullen. Plus, those two are not even married. Jasper and Alice are married, and should have the last name Cullen. Emmett and Rosalie are married and should have the last name Cullen. Even if they act like brother and sister every day they should still have the last name as Cullen. Did Stephenie Meyer make a mistake? Or is it for what ever reason? I don't know. What do you all think?

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Jasper took the last name Hale, in part because he looks genetically related to Rosalie (whose human last name was Hale), but also so he can freely date Alice without it seeming "weird" to the human communities they live in. Hope this answer helps
ya...u r right black twilight...jasper and rosalie cant be named cullen like the others because if they were named cullen,alice , jasper , emmett , rosalie , edward will be adapted siblings (brothers and sisters) to the others and they cant date each .other...so jasper and rosalie were named hale ..so they can date emmett and alice without any weirdness...
thankz everyone that really helped I get it now
rose and jazz r suppose to be twins

Here's what SM had to say about it:


Q:  I understand that Rosalie likes to keep her own last name.  But why would Jasper take Hale as a last name – and even further – why do they pretend to be actual brother and sister?  Why don’t they just say they, too, were adopted individually?

A:  About Jasper using the name Hale–it’s just for convenience.  He and Rosalie look a lot alike.  They actually look like fraternal twins–both the same color blond, both tall, him muscular and her statuesque (with the same pale skin, gold eyes and flawless beauty, of course).  The Cullens use many different subterfuges to try to keep people from looking too closely at them.  Anything that seems to be a certain way–like Rosalie and Jasper seeming to be related–they embrace.  They work within people’s expectations.  People assume the two blonds are related, so they let that assumption stand.  Plus, the more complicated a story is, the quicker someone gets bored trying to understand it, and gives up. 

They don’t always use the same story.  When it was just Carlisle and Edward, Edward pretended to be the young brother of Carlisle’s deceased wife.  Then, after Esme, Edward was again Carlisle’s wife’s younger brother (only this time, the wife was alive).  As the family got bigger, the explanations got more complex. Eventually, the Cullen’s home came to look like a refuge for troubled teens.  (Though the best-behaved troubled teens ever).
They could be Whitlocks, it wouldn’t make any difference to anyone accept Rosalie.  Jasper doesn’t care what anyone calls him.  But Rosalie clings to her human past with all ten fingers.



I got it from PERSONAL CORRESPONDANCE #3 on the Twilight Lexicon. If you haven't yet go & read what is there. They have a lot of pc's w/SM & ask her some fun questions. You'll learn new & more fun stuff!

the story in the book says jasper and rosalie are esme's niece and nephew and she has them now because her sister (who is their fake mother) is dead.
Wow... Pennybug and Katie's explanations set a LOT things clear to me...
i never really wondered that...

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