i just wanted to know how everyone satrted reading the series. my friend gabby told me about the books and i was just like oh its guuna be stupid, but then i heard that they were gunna make a movie about twilight so i read the first one and fell in love with the series.

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Well I got to admit when the movie released I was like I don't see the big fuss about it. And my daughters kept talking about this movie Twilight and I was like ok whatever. Oh but let me tell you when I fanally saw the movie OMG HOOKED I just watched it watched it and watched it, and my daughters were like I ok that's enough, well not for me after that bought all the books read them all more than once and then went ahead and got the audio books for my MP3 OMG I listen to the books all day every day! Just can't get enought of EDWARD!

P.S. I know it's weird I'm a little old for this, but sorry can't help it!
I watched the movie becuase all of my female Sophomore students chose Twilight for their Critique essays and I had no idea what they were talking about. I thought it sounded like teeny bopper rubbish but decided to watch the movie and see what all the hype was. Ok so wasn't overly excited about the acting but loved the storyline so bought the books and they were fantastic! Got hooked after that and have read them all 3 times in the past month alone. lol. My husband thinks it is sad but he is outnumbered as my daughter is reading the first book in Japanese and my other three kids are hooked! My two loves have the 'hots' for Bella, my 2 yr old daughter is in love with Edward and my oldest daughter thinks Edward and Jacob are both 'yummy'. What have I done........................
i heard about the movie ! so i saw it then i fell in love with the story and i searched for the books in the internet . and when i finished reading them i was like omg its the best book about vampire ever !!
I knew the movie was coming out, I knew that my husband would eventually see it (he's a psychotherapist and we see all the "young" peeps movies because he sees a lot of high-school kids for counseling), and I like to read the book first before I see the movie.

His high-school clients will make movie-related comments, and husband would look like he was clueless if he didn't have an idea about what they were talking about.
My cousin wanted to see the movie and I agreed to go with her, but she told me to read the book first. I procrastinated for about a week and a half before finally buying the book.....and I've been hooked ever since. I never ended up going with her to see it.....but I thank her for asking me(my other family members....not so much)
I watched the movie and loved it so i started reading the series = )
every one at my school was reading twilight so i was like " what the heck i 'll read it." that is how i left my human life behind.!

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