I know that everyone is so excirted for the up coming release of Eclispe in June- i know that i am. We all want to know WHEN the dute date is for Breaking dawn- and all of the other interesting questions leading up to i: who,what , where,when, why and how. so my theory is this; we all keep getting tidbits from some of the other castmembers that the three main - rob,taylor and kristen are in discussion about their contracts to do the movie or movies. JUst recently Rob and Kristen were spotted together in London for new years'-
Rob was seen at a kings of leon concert by a couple of camera people- kissing one of his co-stars. who she is, is yet to be known.... But what if... what if part of the reson is because of Eclispe. I know that it may seem far fetched to hear, but think about this:
We all have read the book letting Edward stay with Bella, but in the book Steph gives us and whets out appitite for passion between Edward and Bella just enough. what if the passion between co-stars grew too much? I'm sure that we all would LOVE to see rob and kristen together and have a relationship. But being a celebrity and wanting privacy is non-existant in hollywood. What if during certain scenes of filming Rob may have taken it seriously? or Kristen? I'm sure that they go on the web and then see all the photo shopped pictures of themselves-being together. How incredibly odd and weird to say the least. Give your ideas on my wild theory, i'm curious to know how everyone else may think about this.

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ness: hmmmmmm....interseting theroy...It's possible
It is difficult to say. but it is probable.

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