Will Kristen Stewart's negative attitude HURT the Twilight Saga?

We all love Twilight for different reasons. One of the major reasons I love Twilight is due to the chemistry between Bella and Edward (not to mention Kristen and Rob offscreen). I have spent lots of time watching old interviews on youtube ... I even watched the MTV movie awards to see them clean up! But I have noticed a subtle, then overt switch in Kristen's attitude towards Rob and Twilight. I understand her oversion to being asked personal questions about her relationship with Rob, but she doesn't appear comfortable discussing Twilight in general anymore. The sucess of this movie franchise is propelled by fan support. I am concerned that her lack of professionalism will have a negative impact on subsequent movies. Do I need to be worried??? What do you think?

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You are so very right! It is great to have a place for REAL fans to interact and express their love for the film and or books. However, just like with anything else you love, there are times you may not always be happy. This does not negate the love you have. Most people want that which they love, to do well and thrive. I believe this was the authors concern here.

I went back and read every reply on this thread and I think that every person on the thread is a REAL fan...regardless of their opinion.

Gia said:
ohh and one more thing that i really can't understand:how can you call yourselfs fans when you are against an actor..the lead actor:|...on the homepage of this site if you didn't saw already is a little introduction that sais that this site is for twilight fans.a place where you can show how much do you love twilight.and also there is a place where you can leave this site.am i right?i am!so who doesn't like twilight then leave!i'm sure there are other sites that you could be interested in.com'on you can't love a movie when you don't like the lead actor.i'm happy that you added this disscution and i respect it because now we can see the real twilight fans;)




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