ok this is a website chock o block of people from around the world so why not hav a discussion on what twilight saga is like in ur country is it big and exciting is there hardly any.
is it just soemthing you here about here and there or is it something u here everyday and every minute?
me i live in scotland and here its hit the twilight saga is huge here well not as big as america or anything like that but everyone knows twilight what do we talk about in school???????? TWILIGHT its not normal but its amazing books are everywhere i turn its bliss

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It's huge were I live and in from Coventry UK I love getting on busand sitting on Edwards or Jacobs head while listening to new moon soundtrack :) it's everywhere posters people talking I wabthe sroky twilight lover when I left school that was me and now all my ex classmates are obsessed too!!! :D
wow thats cool south africa and conventry that really cool im from boring old dundee haha
its getting huge since new moon comes out tommorow here im going to see it how about you.
remember to write where ur from and how big it is there and tell friends bye taylor launters future wife haha i wish
thats okay thow least you no about it haha its great to see people actually taking part in this
remember to tell your friends ill answer at anytime well anytime i check in which will probably be everyday so dont be alarmed if i dont write bk the next day or the same day because ill get round to it,
also i just wanted to say if you have any twilight related questons you could always ask me ill try and figure out the answer if not ill give you some sort of help n how to find out the answer.
okay talk soon byexx thanks again keep writing in
hi i just wanted to say here in dundee it comes out im going to see it in 3 hrs so excited so better go away now but plz keep writing i would love to here about anything. ill be on tommorow to see any new messages and again any questions needing answered. Im so hyped up cant sit still actually done the cleaning in the house i had so much energy
tonight wow
hi guys again. New Moon it was amazing wasnt it those who have seen it, i waited almost an hour to get in, in the freezing scottish weather aka raining, windy, and pigging freezing.
I would have seen it anyway even if it was a snow storm. every show was totally sold out and no wonder.
new moon has stepped it up to a whole new level it was amazing and at the same time tearful and funny.
come on people where is everyone i need to here what it was like for everyone in all ur diffrent countries and others in scotland as well.
byexx and for the love of twilight be carful u dont no whats lurking in the woods watch out for some stray werewolfs and some hot vampires

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