The rules are simple: you answer the question the last person made and you make a new one so that other person can answer! Enjoy it!

1st question: Would you rather date Edward Cullen or Robert Pattinson?

Jess' Martins

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edward!!!!!!! would you rather hang out with robert pattinson or jacob black for an evening?
Edward Cullen, which fans would you rather hang with for a day edwards or jacobs
i would rather hang wit jacob cuz hes more my age!

Who do u recon is the hottest non vampire/shape shifter?
Ahhhh i guess I'd say Mike but idk thats a hard one ughhh humans lol =)

Ok would you rather have kids with (if you had to pick) Jacob, Edward, Emmett or Jasper and why?
That's not a fair question lol, but I'll say Edward Cullen
Answering Jordan Cullen's question:

Would you rather see Jacob, Sam, or Quil's butt kicked by a vampire? Why?
Probably Jacobs because I know everyone loves him, but I really don't. I am very mad that he kissed Bella and made her fall in love with him aswell as Edward! Gr lol Taylor Lautner is hott though :P

My question:

Who would you rather date (imagining them as different people) : Edward Cullen or Robert Pattinson?
i think robert, he seems more fun...

if you were a cullen family member, who would you rather be? rosalie or alice?
I would be Alice. Rose is too bitchy lol

If it was true that vampires are "damned" to hell for being what they are, would YOU give up your soul to be with Edward?
Oh ya i would.

If you could live one scene from the books BUT not a sex scene what one would you pick?

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